Fireplace update

Fireplace update

Keeping the idea of light in the fireplace

The fireplace is so important in a room, not only as the main focal point but also as a place that garners respect and adulation. After all we need to have warmth and light to live our lives – never underestimate the instinctive draw of the fireplace. In the living room makeover, the fireplace was sadly lacking in living flame. Although the owner had decorated it with accents of red and brown to tie it in to the rug, it wasn’t especially cosy or inviting.

The plan was for a rather lovely log burner to warm up the chilly winter months inside. After much catalogue browsing and showroom visiting, a suitable model was chosen.

Then began the process of installation. Not for the faint-hearted! The chimney was first investigated and luckily after inspection it was found to need nothing more than a good sweep. It’s very important to check the chimney. More often than not if it’s not been used it will need a new liner. When the fire surround was pulled away from the wall, the fire cavity was deemed to be just the kind of space that a log burner could occupy. However there were several bricks on the arch which were in a rather crumbly state. The brickie that was employed to rebuild the arch and make good the walls instated brand new pink bricks!! Being aVictorian house the effect was very incongruous with the other bricks. But, with advice from a friend, the owner rubbed in several handfuls of soot and hey presto – new to old in less than 10 minutes.


The new fireplace with logburner

The new log burner complements the theme of the room – cosy, warm-coloured and natural – a perfect choice.

A log basket and candle decorate and enhance the fireplace.


The fireplace is now life-affirming! Somewhere to snuggle up beside and feel comforted by. Just in time for winter!

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