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  • Fireplaces – how they define us!

    By , 12 January 2013

    Fireplaces – how they define us Take a look at your fireplace – go on, a long, hard look. What’s positioned around it? Above it? What’s on your mantlepiece? What’s sitting on your hearth? The way we choose to decorate our fireplaces, the main focal point in any space, is very personal and all about balance. Good [...]

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  • The Glorious Chandelier

    By , 22 September 2012

    The Glorious Chandelier has been part of our interiors since Georgian times. Before then,the chandelier was just a practical way of holding candles so that their light could give some kind of luminosity to the room.        But even those early ‘candle-liers’ were cartwheel shapes hung from the centre of the ceilings, just as [...]

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  • Displaying children’s art

    By , 26 August 2012

    Displaying Children’s Art   Children are so creative aren’t they? Give any 7 year-old a paintbrush and some paint and they’ll have no problem attempting a masterpiece. But what do you do with said masterpiece when they bring it home and proudly present it to you? To display or not to display, that is the [...]

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  • The rooms we have outside

    By , 14 July 2012

    This being my very first blog, I thought I’d make it a little different by talking about the exterior rather than the interior. Gardens, or let’s call them ‘the rooms we have outside’, are really important now, aren’t they? It’s no longer acceptable to have a square bit of lawn and a little flower border. [...]

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